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Why Made With Lau?

I never knew my grandparents, and I don't want that for my kids.

As my kids grow older and explore the world for themselves, I want them to remember where they come from.

As my parents grow older, I want to make sure that I honor and celebrate their legacy with the world, and most importantly, our kids and future generations to come.

My aim is for Made With Lau to be a living repository of recipes, stories, life-lessons, and the Chinese culture that shapes us.

- Randy Lau

Daddy Lau

aka Chung Sun Lau


The patriarch. Expert chef, avid gardener, master flautist.

My dad was born and raised in Guangzhou, China, before eventually leaving his life behind and immigrating to New York in 1981, in pursuit of a better life for his future family.

Following his father's footsteps, he opened a successful Chinese restaurant of his own a few years later.

Mommy Lau

aka Jenny Lau


The matriarch. Intense work ethic, extremely frugal, constantly learning.

My mom was also born and raised in Guangzhou, China. Shortly after marrying my dad, she joined him in America, working her way up as a seamstress, co-restaurateur with my dad, and eventually a decades-long career as a nurse assistant.

In order to become a nurse, my mom locked herself in our bathroom for hours & months on end, studying not only English, but medical terms and concepts. She graduated at the top of her class.

Big Sister

aka Jennifer Lau


My big sister. Fiercely loyal, former bully, full-time role model, auntie to Cam Cam.

During a brief pit stop in New York, my parents had my sister before finally settling down in California. She paved the way for me as a straight-A student, rebellious teen, and loving sister.

Jenn still lives close by in the Bay Area, thriving in the competitive world of enterprise sales, and thrilled in her new role as an Auntie.


aka Randy Lau


It me. Extremely fortunate son, brother, husband, and father.

Three and a half years after my sister, I came into this world. I feel like I hit the jackpot. We didn't grow up with a ton of material wealth, but I was nurtured by selfless love, delicious food, and strong values.

After 18 years in the Bay, I shipped off to UCLA for college, where I met my wife. After experiencing city life in LA / SF & backpacking through Asia, we're back, 5 minutes away from my parents, starting a family.


aka Kathlyn Hart Lau

My lovely wife. Effortlessly charming, always energetic, constantly inspiring.

Kat is a gorgeous hapa (half-Chinese), and a Bay Area native. We met volunteering for UCLA UniCamp (a youth summer camp). Apparently she had a crush on me from the start, but I had no idea how awesome she was until months later.

On July 30th, 2010, we set off in my Camry for a 5 hour car ride from LA to SF (just us two). We hit it off. Now, we're married!

Cam Cam

aka Cameron Lau


Our adorable son. Usually calm, loves to poop, always cute.

Kat and I named Cameron after our love story. 10 years prior, we met volunteering in UniCamp, spent 5 hours in my Camry realizing we might be soulmates, flirting with her by taking pics of her with my camera.

After years of half-joking pressure, my parents finally have a grandson to fawn over.

Bern Bern

aka Bernie Lau

The best boy. A furry oxymoron. Independent, but cuddly. Cute, with some spunk.

I did not grow up a dog person (my mom and sister were both traumatized by dogs in the past). Kat's family has 5 dogs. After many years of casual persuading, I finally gave in.

Kat looked up dog shelters immediately, and found this adorable Shih-Tzu Lhasa Apso mix. We named him Bernie, after the San Bernadino mountains (where UniCamp takes place.)